Privacy Policy

For the purpose of proper use of the Website and access to the Services, You should register on the Website and create an Account with Your respective login and password. We reserve the right to refuse to register a new user without indicating the reasons. You warrant that any and all information provided for the purpose of Your Account creation and/or any other Website use is valid, current, complete and accurate. The information that You provide at the time of Account opening must be accurate and complete and You must inform us in a proper time of any changes to such information. You also confirm that all the documents submitted by you are correct and valid. We may require additional information from You to help verify Your identity and assess Your business risk, such as Your date of birth, tax identification number, government-issued identification, etc. If You do not provide us with accurate, complete, and satisfactory information, we will empower to refuse or postpone verification procedure. You hereby expressly consent that You are solely responsible for the use of Your login and password for the Account, for any registration data provided for Account creation, and for any actions done during any use of Your Account. You agree to keep Your login information and password private and to immediately notify us of any unauthorized Account activity. You may be aware of and modify Your login information respectively. You hereby agree not to use a password for your Account that you have already used for other services. You are solely responsible for not keeping Your password secret and secure, providing the access to Your Account to third parties, any other deliberate or negligent behavior that resulted in loss of the Account and any loss or damage You or the Company may suffer as a result of Your failure to keep Your password safe. If you share Your Credentials with the third party, You agree that You will liable for all transactions using the Services and for all costs, losses or damages incurred by the Company by this reason. You are solely responsible for any errors or omissions that you or any third party with access to your Account make in connection with any transaction via the Services. You may deactivate Your registration with the Website at any time by withdrawing Your Account balances and contacting us at: Termination of the Account will include denial of access to the Services. We retain the information provided by you during the verification process for anti-money laundering purposes for five (5) years from the date of the Account closure. The information will be treated as confidential unless disclosure is required to comply with the applicable law. We reserve the right to temporary suspend the provision of services at our sole discretion in the following cases: - we have reasonable suspicions that you violate these the Terms of Use; - Your account is being used in a fraudulent manner; - we have any security concerns regarding Your Wallet; - additional verification procedures are required for AML purposes; - You fail to pay for Services. - other cases if it is required by the applicable law. You will get the access to the Services as soon as the indicated above reasons or suspicions cease to exist. We may terminate Your use of and registration with the Website or freeze any transactions on Platform at any time if You violate these Terms of Use or any other accompanying documents, at our sole discretion and without prior notice and without any liability or further obligation of any kind whatsoever to You or any other party, when we find such measures reasonable and/or necessary in a particular situation, without any refunds. Where we find suspicious information that indicates possible money laundering, terrorist financing or other suspicious activity, we will report that activity in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. The Services may include certain communications from us, such as service announcements, administrative messages and newsletters. They may be posted on the Website, sent by e-mail or sent as an SMSmessage. You agree, that these communications are part of the Services use. You may opt out from receiving newsletters, however, You will not be able to opt-out from receiving service announcements and administrative messages. You are solely responsible for the acquaintance with the announcements and administrative messages and for the updating of the communication credentials (e-mail address and phone number). You understand and agree that if we send You a message but You do not receive it because of not updating Your e-mail address or phone number by You, the Company will be deemed to have provided the message to You. Security We have implemented commercially reasonable technical and organizational measures designed to secure your personal information and other information from accidental loss and from unauthorized access, use, alteration or disclosure. However, we cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties will never be able to defeat those measures or use your personal information and other information for improper purposes. You acknowledge that you provide your personal information at your own risk.